The head P with long-unseen ✿ of ✿ Gong Yan, good X implement + Guan type serves, give Gong Yan 32 support

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✿ meets plac

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  • e ✿ : Xu Hui
    ✿ of ✿ network nickname: Gong Yan
    ✿ of ✿ netizen height: 165cm
    ✿ of ✿ netizen figu

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  • re: Pectoral 36D
    ✿ of ✿ ne

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  • ti

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  • zen age: 25
    ✿ appointment costs ✿ : 400/P (late 10 early 8)
    ✿ of ✿ netizen appearance: Beautiful
    ✿ of ✿ appointment manner: Pretty good
    ✿ of ✿ appointment program: YYY XT MY TT KJ 69 ML, GJ
    ✿ of ✿ date time: 60 minutes
    ✿ evaluates ✿ integratedly: Reputably
    ✿ appointment experiences ✿ : Very long the little sister that did not see appetite adding up to BL, be in thirsty condition all the time, be in two days ago the 419 information that saw Gong Yan, guan type service attracts BL eyeball for an instant, another sees become known hare jump suddenly, absolutely my dish! Look forward to indefinitely what cherish pair of girls, lock up calm target immediately, saw the line on the little sister yesterday, but chat to was not answered, the likelihood seals date recently quite fierce, a bit depressed, in the late evening when answer me eventually, wanted a phone to agree to do her the first P today, get up early today dozen of little sister phone, agree to went partly at 9 o’clock, carelessly had dot thing, drive toward Xu Hui, press little sister directive, go upstairs smoothly, look into the room, oneself are undoubted, short skirt of profession of black S of little sister a suit, have taste! Add 4 glyphs to allow: Surfy. Chat with the little sister the home town that is informed a little sister is in Hangzhou, the place that makes a person yearning, raise the

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  • little sister for nothing tender tender, learned the home town

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  • word of a few girls freely still. Good, gib

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  • berish did not say more, true order sees on the service, enter bathroom YYY together with the little sister, what had t

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  • wo little sisters among them is special S SH, SZX, YYY preliminary estimation costs at least 15 minutes, and the appliance of little sister bathroom is one-time, this is impracticable of general LF little sister, first assist, after Yyy ends, go to bed begins the service such as GS XP MY, KS, DL, SH, the LY of understanding knows, this is SN type service, in the service, little sister enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, impetus is surging, look JC this word and this female it is to touch not above, after many shifty, one discharge a thousand li, , , , after the

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  • end fights, discuss with the girl whe

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  • ther it take a few pieces of pictures is good to take a few pieces of pictures help her recommend below, girl special cooperate, pat good picture to be mixed again girl YYY, hand in water cost to show a person, whole appointment process should be controlled in 70 minutes.

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