Jing Chen Qing Chun’s inviting Jing Chen girl, b close water is much


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    Netizen address : Treasure mountain
    Network nickname : Jing Chen
    Netizen height : 165CM
    Netizen figure : Bone feeling, plump, well-balanced
    Netizen age : 23 years old
    Appointment expenditure : 400/P
    Appointment project : ML, kj, TT, 69, kiss. . . . . . . . . .
    Date time : 1 hour
    Contact Q group : 586160209
    Date of small letter public : YLysh123
    Evaluate inte

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  • gratedly : Reputably

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  • appointment experienced : Attend a meeting today, there also is what thing after returning the office, remember do not have have diarrhoea fire for ages recently, on the face the long beans beans of hold back, so preparation does not have a thing the little sister does one P. Open Shanghai Long Feng to search the little sister that he likes. A few when just began to look beautiful girls feel the dish that is not me. The little sister that if if search really,wanting to be less than finally, searchs to had dated before. But shine at the moment after the card that chooses little sister of the Chen that enter Jing finally, have a feeling very much, this is the kind that I like. The QQ that added Jing Chen girl then asked next fundamental conditions, after asking an address, feel not to calculate too far, is there time after asking a little sister 30 minutes Jing Chen girl says those who have time to no hurry in the morning. After next buildings direct drive car 1000 toward, 20 minutes are less than the village that will to place of Jing Chen girl live, through the comes smoothly to Jing Chen girl floor after the phone is how-to, beat the room door of Jing Chen girl, what open the door subsequently is Jing Chen him girl, with the photograph very alike in spirit. The sitting room that takes in Jing Chen girl talked about meeting day, w

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  • ait for Y of girl of Chen of the Jing after be familiar with to laugh what swing to me, ask me otherwise wants to bathe I say to want to wash YYY together with Jing Chen girl of course. Strip off the dress to see the Luo body of Jing Chen girl, protruding hind becomes warped before, x department is strong, of Chen of X ministry Jing, really inviting and clinking. P bed comes after bathing, jing Chen little sister began to serve for me, first from MY sit up, sensitive place has attend, although show inadequacy slightly compared with meeting place level, but overall for pretty good still. The X of Jing Chen little sister pushs what the service does is really pretty good, exquisite X pushs skin of ministry of X of Jing Chen little sister very comfortable. After all services did little sister of Chen waiting for Jing, my DD is ha

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  • rd also bore hard, wear TT to begin ML to me with respect to

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  • little sister of Chen letting Jing, jing Chen little sister is right du

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  • ring ML the pose that I put forward very cooperate, still use finally most laborsaving tradition type delivers the goods. Jing Chen little sister is an out

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  • side Qi

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  • ng Chun, the coquettish girl on the bed, dry rise special bright, and the service is good also, be worth to go.

    Is connection QQ reply watched :

    Tourist, if you want to e

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