Li Man Pink of N head pink is tender tender Da, be to let a person cannot help really!

[meet place] : Pudong
[network nickname] : Li Man
[netizen height] : 163
[netizen figure] : Plump, well-balanced
[netizen age] : 20
[appointment costs] : 600/P
[netizen appearance] : 5 stars
[appointment ma

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  • nner] : 5 stars
    [appointment program] : ML
    [date time] : 1 hour
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
    [date of small letter public] : Ylysh123
    [contact QQ] : 2918440676
    [appointment experiences] :
    Doleful for a long time, make an appointment wit

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  • h P Shanghai now too the road returns. T

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  • irl seeing the first times feel on the net is me. Added Qq to understand then made an appointment with afternoon, outside too hot very hot, the little sister is special remind the attention on the ro

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  • ad safe, quite close ” sister lives in Shanghai too Lu Longtan stands. The place is good search! Will know a road to go to Shanghai all right too Lu Longtan station walks along ~ to go upstairs into room little sister to pour a water to drink to me. Say

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  • to be not worn whirl comes over tired also, let me had rested to do first, the place that has gone before unlike arrived to be being urged did urging go. Small wolf, strip off light went

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  • the bathroom is strong cool, the little sister bathes to me, rub back, next cautious stroking gently wash DD, the small DD that feels me is like a

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  • treasure… alas. It is to be borne hard really. Began with the little sister, treasure Qing Chun is very young, most with respect to 23 years old, tell the truth the little sister does not go up lens, man

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  • y oneself are more good-looking than the photograph. Belle of experting temperament of tenderness of delicate and exquisite of little sister figure especially in one’s heart is showing spirit of a coquettish, the biggest characteristic is long hair temptation of the little sister, should be D+ indeed inviting. Pink of N head pink is tender tender Da, be to let a person cannot hel

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