Tender sister young nurse, it is good to be after letting me, entered

[playtime] : On July 11
[J S name] :

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  • S152
    [J S native place] : Hunan
    [J S age] : 23
    [J S amount] : 80
    [recreational project] : SM
    [recreation costs] : 698
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
    [recreation comments on] : Also not be to go for the first time, arrived week 6, natural cannot him treat unfairly, want or go 100 flowers enclosed ground for growing trees this looks again, critical point says the environment is very good here, lofty the place that go up, girl be out on duty almost about a hundred, but this price feels right really, make a person very comfortable, did not make an appointment ahead of schedule, much at 6 o’clock when went directly in inn, signed up for earthnut name to pick a per

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  • son, this dot girl still holds out T stage much, estimation can have 40 to control,

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  • picked S152 girl, person capable person is right, aft

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  • er X also holds out big ~~~ to let a person look at crackpot ~~~ and big X girl to enter PF together, ha, nevertheless pretty is done those who laugh. For the first time the girl instigates us first. Little hand of the girl, go in I am small upper reaches this. Feeling feeling. I am brushed, feel hard. The girl sees me hard, ask I want not to want an opening. I nod. The girl begins to suck allow from my GT first this. All the time downward. Came suddenly SH, girl of 23 years old, do not have compl

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  • etely not close, find my bright place directly. Below ceaseless SH, the girl still eats removed DD. I look up saw a girl. Small eyes, coquettish. I press the girl’s head. Came depth charge. What the girl is done by me is a bit small evil. A few times depth charge falls. My S went out. Hey, looked at little younger sister to cough a few times, have bit of small regret. Nevertheless the girl shakes shake one’s head say to do not have a thing. After the girl was cleaned, retur

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  • n a bed to go up, will accompany me, I apologize to a moment ago thing, the girl acts like a spoiled child say, do not have a thing, boss you are happy good. Hey. If my home tigress is so good good. Two people go up in the bed in a way after resting a little while, catch from the back be SM service, the ISO Guan type that says at ordinary times like us namely serves, on SM bed. Of the girl had hit bath R first, opened B range first with gigantic R. Person of crisp X hold up. Saying is crisp X draws a person. Subsequently the girl begins XP of a popular treatment for sunstroke by scraping the patient’s neck. Strength is very good also. DL when, the girl’s tongue, very give power, those who get is very deep! A face. Big MY. What GT XT MT also does is very good. Especially T when, my small D. Hard, the girl says for fun, very be afraid of, insert at a draught go in, I laughed. After ending ISO, I and girl were rinsed. Answer a bed to go up. The girl is a very intentional person. I say a bit tired. Began AM what girl demur does not say. AM a little while. I was attracted by E N. Differ meeting 69 began. Actually my this individual is not paid attention to of 69. But the girl’s abalone is very good, m is little. The flesh is much. Belong to fresh pork. Suck, the gir

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  • l’s body shakes. Very amused feeling is already about the same, affirmed with the girl it whether is OK to fall again WT, girl bashfully is affirmatory, the girl asks I like what pose. I thought. Be entered after. The girl sticks up a P

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  • P. I am inserted forcibly go in. I am brushed. Return what pretty tightens! The perception that WT must say here is brig

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  • ht really ah ~~ can’ts help exerted oneself to do sth. a bit, girl ah. Say, a bit slower, I am gotten on for again slow. Begin bang bang bang rise, girl also from a moment ago tenderness. To shriek insanity. I at the same time the fleshy acupuncture point of C this girl. Her what flap at the same time PP, double bright. The shriek is ceaseless! Be being entered after is very expend physical strength. Changed subsequently a pose. XO. P battle falls quickly in my passion. S went out the 2nd times! Those who sweat profusely we, age is old nevertheless, also basically be the limit 2, did not read aloud completely later thought, rinse together, be sent to the outside by younger sister after ~~ comes out, the manager delivers beverage pay a return visit, the manner still is pretty good ~
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