[roc is private meeting] when when be in the nude, its are beautiful beautiful figure enough lets person gush blood.


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[playtime] : 3.3
[JS work number] : A23
[recreational value] : 798
[recreational project] : SM, GM
[JS gives a mark] : 100
[recreation comments on] : After dinner passes, by every means dull, do not have a thing to do, night of eye be expected to rise is boundless forthcoming, such going down also is not method, think then

To go roc was released then, let oneself can set his mind at to sleep in the evening good become aware ~ says to go, take mobile phone small letter to contact roc manager,

Asked next current conditions, some moment in the evening is room wanting a platoon is best before going, call make help the card that obtain order, the director says await respectively

The presence of elder brother with a ha is breathed out, that changed the clothes, go in the evening cheesy ~~~

   After arriving, the manager has fallen in the building wait for me, take me to change clothes the hand card that has taken ahead of schedule to me to bathhouse, later


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  • ll receive me to choose the wife of a prince, say on advertisement as expected truly, what a place where people gather for various purposes decorates is very luxurious, arrive subsequently T stage,

    , just came today, those who grow quite beautifully, compare BL or small teen-age nevertheless, the person is quite tall, the figure is very good. Of this person selected very satisfactory, asked

    Leave a service, expressing also is very good, say to the guest is chosen afternoon, serve what do not have naturally to say. . . Very satisfactory accordingly the girl went PF~~~

    Enter PF, j S is the goddess of BL simply, temperamental Yan Zhi takes on, the leg grows PP to become warped, each respects get BL favor greatly, certainly will should take next conquer today

    This J S, feed full DD, entering room hind to look at J S is such be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy, when J S phone signs up for a bell, BL both hands already began to explore that apophysis from the back

    Spinous double peak, just handhold single-handed, the first feeling is very soft, tender slippery skin, feel very, accelerated the rate of my knead secondhand. J

    S also very cooperate, amazingly quick drops a telephone call, face about is a sweet kiss, this lets what I urticant catch to be able to be kept out then in original heart live, direct both hands is being held in the palm

    The PP of J S, lay down even if heat up a kiss suddenly, mouth of ear root, cervical, X leaves my mark directly, in my S W when, the tip of the tongue of mouth of J S cherry is contained continuously

    My ear, good gracious, goddess loves this, it is as expected coquettish wants again, a knot in one’s heart of skin of my what suck J is to risk ceaseless continuously then. Begin oneself commonly very few

    So impatient, need not say even if mix because of that inviting figure in the bosom attractive Face, right now two people are pestered one case, violent storm after 10 minutes

    The little sister asks me otherwise wants directly first KB, want directly without doubt. Be worthy of is goddess, K What J does is then those who comparative is comfortable, lukewarm soft lip

    , deep throat still does not forget a tongue to twine GT, the girl still uses the eyes from time to time provocative me, the awfullest is the little sister’s Na Shuangling’s vivid finger tip, the edge sucks an edge to delimit

    Cross the feeling of the body, crisp hemp is satisfy a craving very. Small D is right now exceeding expand, j S measure is taken those who hold is very good, take in and send out in large quantities up and

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  • down quickly, the tongue licks GT,

    Suck allow DD, have rice with respect to the chickling from time to time, of course, putting so good goods S, the whole thing also love touched my both hands enough, enjoy greatly therefore really

    Suffer also, 15 minutes of days ascended topcross to give generation descendants after person battle royal, breathe out greatly satisfy a craving ah

    After coming to an end, continue to serve, the feeling that the big X of J S wanders on my body exceeds bright, the mouth is vivid also very assist, appear acutely the snake says a letter common, cannot form

    The bright of the look, make fun of with 2 dragon plus SH bead (BL requests)

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  • , 5 minutes discontinuous, work force Oh. Take T again, must, after an

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  • O O Xx

    Change back

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  • side when, choose strength and career slightly, heard ” ” sound, look the little sister has entered state, tidewater been beening full of her

    Hole. 15 minutes or so, male on top is intense sprint shipment. Bright is over, of J S soft holding me in the arms, those who breath is feraller than me, do this younger sister

    Child true still pains, worked hard my 2 acting descendants, do not have waste, the breath that looks at J S appearance, BL is successful very feeling. Return anteroom, and

    Roc greets a few, boast the technology of next J S, the manager is laughing to send my settle accounts to go out.

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