Full-court 888, so good girl looked for coke to be opposite, bright


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[playtime] : 2.22
[J S name] : W98
[J S native place] : Northeast
[J S age] : 21
[J S amount] : 50
[recreational project] : SM
[recreation costs] : 888
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] :

This day of mood is very good, mixCokeThe manager was contacted, took a car to go next. Come in inn, seeCoke, did not do what homework this, letCokeHelp me recommend a girl, CokeRecommended thenW98, CokeStill be idea careful, those who choose just is that kind that I like most, pull the girl’s hand then, go together in the room, because be compared today cold, my dress is worn little, open air conditioning into the door very tall, want to wash a hot bath immediately, The hand that JS girl is taking me presses her say on the bosom, cool really, it is cold arrived, then JS girl helps me arrange water bed rapidly, boiled water tries lukewarm, see this attitude, the one happy event in the heart, did not choose a fault again today. When the girl helps my disrobe, begin to tease, felt all over, try water next lukewarm, the water that I like to compare heat is warm, try just in time, water mill at the beginning JS girl enters state, ceaseless coquettish groan, cooperate limbs all sorts of teasing, still did major a little while to point to to me pressure, that calls at ease, next standard flow, what do attentively is different, anyway with respect to bright of a word, had searched A area, JS more vigorously, begin to look up plus an old fellow like me, JS girl g

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  • ets on next cooperating, XT, TT, MT, all sorts of twist, coquettish corrode bone, XDD is harder and harder, JS girl is more and more excited, openly MT just rolled out an old fellow like me deliver the goods for the first time, bright broke up, JS girl just says later, come up to have a feeling very much to me, MT when wanting to clear away me, if I deliver the goods again a bit later, she did me in the WT on water bed with respect to preparation. . . Have a feeling each other, this is happy, wipe go to bed, I nod a smoke to begin to take a heart with the girl, all sorts of tenderness all sorts of showing sympathy, also not be flicker nevertheless, an old fellow like me has to JS girl deeply regret all along add, it is good girl, do this livelihood who is life

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  • place approach, can let them experience bit of sunshine to also calculate accumulate virtue, the feeling had, feeling also had, next service JS girl is the intention more, I say XP, GS need not, lie rest in my bosom below, JS girl does not agree, say to want to help me serve, hey, really. . . . . Next DL is more wonderful, here did not say, pron yourselves is experienced after, ah. Flow goes, I pull this girl to lie in my bosom, she gently the auditive neck that kissing me, touch my body softly at the same time, collect is worn the perfume smell that ear says to I like to hear your body to go up very much, the place of affection of an old fellow like me comes, ban her sweet lip immediately, connect the SW that appear, girl already charming breathes heavily wheezingly, begin to conceive li of twist in me, the hand also begins to cover the XD that does very hard of an old fellow like me, I am abrupt interest came, turn over issue little sister pressing in the body, follow her softly to say: “You are loosened, had lain, close an eye ” , JS is at a loss at the beginning, but very good closed an eye, an old fellow like me began glossal result to go against pushed, all the way the tender lip from the girl, earlobe, neck, shoulder, alar, bosom, alvine, ham, know ham root ministry, JS girl breath is more and more hurried, a bit disturbed, I persistently comfort her to loosen loosen, enjoy well, the girl closes an eye cleverly again, then an old fellow like me begins words work, by arrive gently heavy, by shallo

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  • w arrive deep, arrive by tenderness violent, the girl cannot help moaning aloud, ham is acuteness and asp, my head hoarse hoarse smokes final clamp air conditioning, the girl says to be licked later climax also do not know true and false

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  • , anyway the girl is very happy this won’t be a holiday, I also all of a sweat, XD rests dish, the girl rested a little while delay crosses interest to come, begin to retaliate sexual attack immediately, cry you are returned dare soft, see me how clear away you, next coquettish stron

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  • g a standard-sized sheet, all sorts of begging insert, brother I am ill-affected also, immediately high and mighty look up hold out a bosom, the thing from the back also need not I said more, anyway we are all of a sweat, hug of the girl after coming to an end is worn I enjoy aftertaste, lingering ten minutes, apparel next orderly, buy sheet to go person, neverthelessCok

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  • erecieve or very those who reach the designated position, ha. Coke hot line15021919870, buckle group 596898129

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    [recreational address] : Near Min travel area, specific phone coke
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