The tip of the tongue roams report touchs limp and numb drive a foot


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[playtime] : 11.24
[J S name] : 26
[J S native place] : Yunnan
[J S age] : 20
[J S amount] : Had jumped to choose the wife of a prince
[recreational project] : ISO
[recreation costs] : 798
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : Did not come out to loosen for ages loosened, rest eventually today can come out to play. Phone mammon to say me a little while to the side I keep red card 26 I arrive 15 minutes! Drive very fast 10 minutes arrived. Mammon had waited to took ace card to change the dress to rest in the hall the room sent Gong Niu additional physical power again! take enter PF directly. . . . .
  Range estimation age 20, form of melon seeds face, those who dress up is pretty good still! Below is wearing black silk skirt, very short, very thin, mor

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  • e or less can still see briefs of form of little black t-shaped, the upper part of the body is wearing bikini underwear, the skin is quite white. Enter a room to enter subject “
    The girl moves lamp color suddenly into pink dim lamplight, both sides is very active take off good clothing, began to enjoy.
    Technological process of water mill service is similar, did simply.
    Answer the bed that two people begin on the bed to go up next big fight, the girl comes first a tongue free whole bo

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  • dy, this small tongue of delicate share out bonus goes in complete fluctuation, it is too comfortable really, the dallies with me little little brother with two little ceaseless also hands, at that time small tongue of the girl has come to little little brother around begin what to exploring, get on head of head of ligule head preexistence next gently licked a few times, I feel girl tongue is same, this girl tongue is of great importance, have the feeling of a kind of limp and numb all over, I am very excited! Girl also gently excessive is crying, ask me, dear, hold back how long, I say also

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  • before long ah.
    At that time the girl contains my whole little little brother in the mouth entirely, day, this feeling should go up to the sky really, immediately speed accelerates the girl, double lip is sticking my hard little little brother to moving quickly back and forth! Ceaseless still stall with little hand fumble of two eggs egg is worn, it is to be overcome really.

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  • The girl alternates all sorts of angle from or so two sides at the same time more

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  • emphatic sorption my little little brother, my whole body already coma, both hands is absorbed in helping the girl’s waist up. Rhythm already special fast. The girl saw me with attractive big eye, swing in my heart. The girl changed again a movement, the small tongue with tender pink is in I am small little brother all around rolling, couldn’t help really. Scream, oh ah… . . The girl suspended an action, containing my little little brother as before, I quiver all over, thick 10 thousand child 1000 grandson strong ejaculation goes out, fitful twitchs back and forth, probably 6/7 second left and right sides, the girl uses a tongue slowly again absorb my little little brother, next slowly the little little brother that spat me, put in her mouth edge with the right hand, girl gently open the mouth, for nothing shock 10 thousand child spit in 1000 Sun Cong mouths come, the girl asks me. Dear, how to feel? I say is to exceed a god really. Rested a little while on the bed, talked about a day a little while, because will experience service mouth is vivid, came to an end come out to buy sheet. Chatted a little while to continue to look for her next time with mammon.

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    Date of mammon mobile phone 13003241174. Small signal 13003241174,  QQ: 3160998845.  QQ grou

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