[house of Xu Hui periphery] of tender after egg egg dish lick madly below, my small DD became magnificent and martial big carve


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[RecreationTime] : 2.11
[J S name] : Q212
[J S native place] : Did not ask
[J S age] : 19
[J S amount] : 100+
[recreational project] : ISO

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  • [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
    [recreation comments on] : Rested to see the test and verify on many forum stick in the home, those who look is a bit excited, see QQ group, as it happens sees orange manager is commending turn out for work againMM~~ sees this 212 have a place not calm, qing Chun, age light ~~ had the idea that make an appointment so, also not be to go for the first time, think the usable remaining sum that goes up personally, also go out quite hey skin, after contacting a manager, do decide everything. Say the trip that takes without, do a SN~~ that says to go to walk along a ~~ immediately
    Next buildings drive come in inn. There are many old wolves in the hall (feeling of 40 years old) I also signed up for a name, arrived in-house, looked for a person’s little anteroom. After the manager sees me. With respect to accost I see a girl. She forgot I make an appointment, keep silent first, look, in case it is better to have, will choose the p

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  • lace of the wife of a prince. After seeing girls stand still uniformly, each girl shows an attractive smile. I am looked at be in a daze

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  • a bit. Pick a girl nevertheless. I like tender girl. Saw circuit nevertheless or become aware 212 best, still do not forget finally first of the heart chose her ~~~

    I and girl photograph have the room that comes to those who have PF say, above all the bean curd that I had a girl. The girl lets me eat to the top of one’s bent, after signing up for a phone, we took off the dress, after was being felt a little while, I let a girl come to to me first appetizing, the beginning of girl understand tacitly clears my small DD. A bite into my small DD. That feeling, spring has kind of thing to be called warmth. Below the stimulation that lives in the girl’s mouth. My small DD became magnificent and martial big carve. Let a girl stop the TT on the belt, one lever af

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  • ter all. We began bed shake. At the beginning what we use is hind enter type.

    Look at T ministry of the girl, small waist! True calabash body. Of bang bang bang after be being done, sound of the girl making a bed. Exciting also very coquettish is angry. The girl made be overcome continuously. My criterion no matter. Had turned over body tradition type to begin P battle. Be in intense P is afterwar, my S! Dark bright! ISO was done after resting a little while with the girl. Complete T comes down, my muscle on the bed

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  • is nervous. Flabby! Above all B face, the standard that make! A face came, x pushs this big move to be put. Sincerity is comfortable! After coming down, girl and my preexistence played KB on the bed. Do not cross me or want to doMl. When girl KJ about the same. I let a girl stop the Du Lei on the belt this. Pull open manner, it is the P battle of make a clean sweep of sth! Hundreds of of bang bang bang hind, under sprint, my S went out the 2nd times! ! ! ! Bright with respect to bright. After fig

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  • hting bravely, the girl came again a YYY, mix finally come in time is same, pulling a hand, send a doorway ~~~

    Come to anteroom, looked for an emptier anteroom. Sit down nodded those who eat. Just ate, orange came, made an enthusiastic pay a return visit, basically very satisfactory, there is good food to want seasonable announcement after be being informed chronically, take finally buy sheet ~~ be perfectly satisfied hum move ditty drives ~~~ coming home
       Still do not forget to make conduct propaganda to orange manager finally, orange hot line: 18117514786 [with small letter] of person full enthusiasm, she still has much home store to be able to make an appointment

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