Full-court 880 not to deal activity arrives the end of the year.


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Weather is good today, did not go for ages here, want to be loosened today. Hit a phone to make an appointment to the manager first of course say 20 minutes to arrive, the company is in rainbow mouth, in the past also with respect to 20 minutes, afternoon at 3 o’clock when oneself are smooth come out, all the way smooth, arrived very quickly, after coming in, advanced stage signed up for manager name. Change good clothing to come to anteroom, the manager has been over there wait for me. Talked about a day a little w

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  • hile with the manager, inform want to look for an age today small X is big, the manager recommended a 33 date girls to me immediately, do not pass or want to experience next fun that choose the wife of a prince, still went looking, the girl that nevertheless this time goes to work is not much, probably 20 or so, looking still is 33 recommended comparison have eye reason really, it seems that X implement also pretty is big, age is small also, with respect to 20 years old, long is the sort of green and inapproachable appearance, all right, did not choose, with respect to her. Subsequently the girl comes to PF with respect to the arm that pulling me. Had signed up for a bell first into door MM, one conditions or feelings of the lower levels moves take good care of sb, begin colourful dance to rise subsequently, the characteristic here is disrobe when not be to be taken off directly, heat up dance to flirt first however, do not have a person to want so do, MM figure is really correct, the XL that looks to become known hare of filled with apprehension, as expected pretty good. JS is very active hug my neck, overturn XL on the bed. XL hand is feeling the PP of JS, the skin is very slippery very resilient. The hand of JS has given small DD surrounded. Feel XL is very comfortably, my mouth cannot help going up the MM that kisses her, JS gives out inviting groan, oh, , , oh, , , SM looks it is good to should wait for tamper said again, do not have the flirtation of girl of be able to bear or endure really, went in to work, and time also does not grow drily, but very devoted, kubla khah Li drenchs. Next JS begins to make a service to me, the process is very serious, comfortable was overcome really

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  • , all sorts of joint, acupuncture point, blow, bite, turn the mo

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  • del for painting that the flow that ~~ laugh laughs at here is SN as expected, s

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  • till say to not be clear about really with the character, what only oneself bend over to just can experience that flow when that is done is authentic and reach the designated position, still came finally a glacial DL, the ~~~ of one shake recalls exciting one shock for ages. The flow of refection of go to bed is not expressed, raise spirit finally, I let JS take good TT to begin to attack abalone to me, exchanging all sorts of poses, rate is rapidder and rapidder, XXOO is counted a few times eventually shipment, come in 90 minutes time is done sufficient, after been wash again finally, punctual noise has the telephone call, JS was done not have lazy, do 2 times, increase SM flow, with full time, this should give greatly assist. Come to anteroom, called those who eat to nod, manager as usual

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  • still is enthusiastic pay a return visit

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  • , and help what I made eat, the face returns pretty delicious, say with the manager face to face, thank your commendation sincerely, JS service is very good. Stone is light laugh, elder brother satisfaction is of our pursuit, next buildings were buying sheet to come home downstage later. There is reiteration here stone here ah, now full-court 880 not to deal, say not early, early know my choosing is connected, do not pass it may not be a bad idea, know to often come later now, say this full-court according to stone the activity of 880 is to want to spend the New Year. Must come a few times again later.

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