[the guild hall that begin a spring] ] the sauna daughter that the experience is exactly like 10 thousand people to confuse first (devil body


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[playtime] : 4.3
[J S name] : A66
[J S

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  • native place] : Northeast
    [J S age] : 97 years
    [J S amount] : 50+
    [recreational pr

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  • oject] : , SM, ISO
    [recreation costs] : 850/100 minute
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably (too TM was stimulated)
    [recreation comments on] : Early before listen to a friend to say to admire south the MM here is particularly open, want to search stimulation to go there play, general right, the price also is poor not a few, general of good JS be in 850. Did not have a thing yesterday before go below view and emulate. Firm pass a barrier phoned colourful south to grow, not be to go for the first time sauna, but go for the first time, in T Tai Xuanxiu, my what look

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  • chicken is moved, photograph head is good also, colourful south the director says is newcome, what sauna service does is very good.
    Enter a room, MM helps me take off the dress, take off herself again, “Wow ” see belt of condole of ** of MM dress a suit install, little younger brother chicken touched bout, without giving thought to thirty-six thousand eight hundred and ninety-one, I

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  • catch outfit of ** condole belt single-handed, preliminary battle, MM calls me n

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  • ot urgent, wearing outfit of ** condole belt, jump at the moment in me, just jumped to be less than 3 minutes, little younger brother couldn’t help really, execute of on the spot, go rushing then cool, do BO to push, environmental protection blows service of the bed that do water, blow meritorious service is high-class, strong clean ** is being held in the arms finish a day a little, fumble at the same time with the hand, see MM also have a feeling, small D also restored, make a service then, finish service, MM very of YD ask: Otherwise wants me,

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  • I was overcome very active, good fawn on, catch the feeling that come, be conveyed very hard really with utterance, when you and oneself the MM of special Zhong Yi together when, be the sort of feeling

    Make an appointment colourful south director mobile phone is the same as small letter: 13122926399 QQ: 3165521355 QQ group: 315110046

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