[test and verify is met 3 numbers] head queen drill SM, the service is high-class, lick a hand to lick a foot, interest explodes site plan 100%~ [explain essence of life]


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[Time] : August 21, 2015
[J S name] : 681
[J S native place] : Did not ask
[J S age] : 22
[J S amount] : 35+
[recreational project] : SM ISO
[recreation costs] : 980
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : Also love to browse each at ordinary times big website is talked talk, you are worth to have, reason setting out is done not have through the feeling necessary saying more is not a key, the word does not say to look downward more


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  • sp;                                 Recommend

    Introductive environment of what never mind is good say, believe everybody often also pays close attention to forum, in front a few LY meet 3 the environment of place,
    The position has been described a lot of everybody should be met to 3 place should compare understanding, the environment holds out OK, do not need overmuch introduction, what if have,do not understand is OK
    Browse ahead about [3 meetings place] the card that flies greatly refers.
    Go straight towards the today’s service process below thematic introduction continuously.

    Take the door, the newspaper flies greatly, go upstairs into elevator, expert card changes clothes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Omit among 1000 words! ! !
    Cross exit, the picture saw before setting out the photograph of one Qing Chunmei younger sister is doted on quite, then direct obligate, did not choose the wife of a prince into the room, fly to get a girl directly greatly
    Come over, into the door I stayed, this is the girl on my photograph, the clear pure girl on the photograph disappeared, white shirt is black short group, glasses of black casing wide margin, allusion

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  • Model uniform temptation, see a face, I use character to assure, oneself compare a photograph absolutely good-looking, have temperament more (note: The photograph is he do not have a fault) with respect to him, pardonable
    Small unconscious recommend her to me all the time, look small cheat or rely on chart quite, the girl goes back take equipment, I and small unconscious prattle a few, must get praise this is small
    Partner child. Rely on chart! The girl came back to shine again blind I get 24K purity the hundred of 99.9 filar eye, white of girl a suit

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  • grew skirt to come back. Good lord this is to play
    Fashionable dress walks along beautiful Buddhist nun!
    Water bed:

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  • The bosom is pushed, bath is shown oh quality is good, slippery, girl tit is big, quite
    Buttock leg, the buttock becomes warped quite, strength just, enjoy
    Wool is swept, arm, ham, crus, egg, the follows labial lip to the girl’s Mao Mao clash of clear sense feels, quite exciting
    On the bed:
    Suck a skin, the uniform oversight of what is cultivated on ant, go up directly [harmonious] , KB.
    [harmonious] , it is wet towel first clean, and clean still go to quite in, it is for ligule head so go to more inside the sanitation of the dot, deepness reachs the designated position absolutely, feel him everybody sense.
    Buccal J, a little while Wen Shui a little while cold water, glacial fire! Do not have tine feeling absolutely,
    Deep throat, court action sees an end
    This wanting that let its KB, who expects little brother try to make a good showing just does not lower whose head, I also do not think embarrassed girl, go up raincoat battle, classical male go up female below. The little brother is to be less than the Yellow River not to lower his head so,
    Not battle hundreds bout, lower his head to admit defeat, because of sound too cross be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy, close.
    Rest 5 minutes, the girl is blown to me again, strong succeed add fights, posture all sorts of commutation, can not end to fight namely, without be able to bear or endure the girl helps me is blowing is dozen of FJ, all sorts of action type
    Use completely, still licking white hare end to be over his gold right hand finally.

    After the event, big flying pay a return visit, go a little while in the prattle inside balcony with me person

    Summary: Recommend
    Can increase fly small letter 18321235298  Small letter has a graph resemble really, still have the introduction that inspect

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  • screen

    A few pieces of spots are illuminated, although angle is bad, also be pair of broad LY explain (the a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender is visible)

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