The wallop of Dongguan major technician, of young woman of sexy silk socks asp, cannot the tender countryside of extricate oneself!


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  • [Yi person brief introduction] : The age is 28 years old, height 166, 3 surround 36B, weight 90
    [Yi person characteristi

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  • c] : Dongguan technician, the service is professional, the figure is slender and sexy, the manner is particularly considerate
    [enjoy a project] : Accompany bath, strive for the impossible or illusory things, the bosom pushs buttock, the tongue is overflowed, filar socks, the mouth explodes, glacial fire, the mouth is vivid, 69, love crystally, the part is acted, poison

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  • ous dragon, live greatly
    [free price] : A face half 600/P, 900/P of AB face complete set, complete set 1200/ two
    [contact means] : QQ2875815883
    [free detail] :
    This girl has brother to was enjoyed many times, the service is exceedingly allegedly good, the pro

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  • fessional technician that Dongguan comes over, everybody knows that technique, plus public praise so well, also be to let my ready to do sth come extremely. Before two days just delivered pen premium, in bag rich and happy look for girl. After going up with connection of the girl that be like smoke, her home goes after agreeing to come off work. The local environment that the sister lives and security very calculate pretty good, after arriving, be entered by phone remote control of the girl building, the door saw a very slender beauty, the age is belonged to light ripe model, have the appearance of gentle and graceful body of feminine flavour quite, good looks is exceedingly good.
    The little sister gives me enthusiasticly to pour water to light cigarette, be had seen dot world, can talk to also can be an upright person very much very much. I am feeling her waist single-handed, feeling her ham single-handed,

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  • it is satisfied very. Small sit a little while, without what the distance felt, be in the nude bathe. It is natural that the little sister accompanies bath, what wash me is particularly comfortable, light sees that from this gimmick is professional course absolutely those who groom, hit bath fluid to swab, the little sister’s bosom implement exceedingly full and moist, before my bosom dillydally is worn follow do a bosom to push like, exceeding stimulation and comfortable. I also washed her mew to her, interactive dally with resemble a lover same, but beautiful.
    Wash after ending, the little sister wore uniform of a black silk again, professional complete layette Wu began. Hand preexistence of the little sister has delimited on my body, suddenly wet tongue was licked commonly like electric current come over, little sister this tongue result also is awful, hand and foot were licked by her, that place you still never mention it true pretty is sensitive. Of this major is professional, one roamed to be done 10 come minute, what the reverse side also does is very careful, abrupt chrysanthemum contracts one bla

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  • st, the little sister licks the chrysanthemum that removed me again, my of hemp scalp was tightened, JJ felt immediately. This wallop is too strong.
    Various project does the little sister, already small perspired, this is technical work and manual work really, the project is too much, living even the mouth is all sorts of pattern all ready, my endurance has been, but also unable to bear is tormented this kind, 69 type when the B that discovers a little sister also is of Shui Zizi, thirsty and intolerable that clutchs, the little sister’s leg is very long, b of a gleam of returns pretty to tighten unexpectedly, after going in particularly comfortable, changed 3 postures, of the little sister cooperate to spend very tall, the sex ace of appropriate appropriate, can guide very much, and the desire of oneself is exceedingly strong still, climax many times, systemic shakily is special be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy, sprint is quickened after half hours, conquered completely eventually girl.
    [after the event experiences] : If this plants smoke,the tender countryside of highest grade woman is to make a person be intoxicated really, her figure is very strong, the service is the major in major more then, what Dongguan comes is true not be a lid, there still is oneself feeling when doing, sexual desire is strong, the expression with spotless whole, satisfactory.

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