[not nocturnal city is met] explode lacteal tender acupuncture point! South tender younger sister! Very pretty good really ~


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[playtime] : 11, 11
[J S name] : B91
[J S native place] : Fujian
[J S age] : 17
[J S amount] : 40+
[recreational project] : SM, ISO
[recreation costs] : 750
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : Pelter of air temperature of the closest weather, the people of Shanghai begins to experience filar silk chill of Chu Dong. The winter should come again, the distance gives battle to already had half many month last, if have a girl,be in in this cold weather affectionate and affectionate, that is wonderful. Before two da

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  • ys of things of a when encounter special accurate also allow hard pass the time in a leisurely way of XL internal heat, then, XL of regardless of the weather set out.

    After arriving phone snow manager, differ meeting, come down from upstairs paper of younger sister of a bud. A lot of managers are pure man originally, have a female name however, who can think of snow again the manager is paper of such younger sister of a bud. XL is a bit small at that time excited, followed paper of bud younger sister to get on a building, enter downstage hall, air conditioning leaves very sufficiently, XL feels a warmth, and outside one contrast, the feeling is particularly comfortable.
    It is wine this full meal is full the door that give, also

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  • do not have what should eat to drink so, go directly T stage. T stage is quite pretty good, be out on duty had 40 that day many, there is 30 on T stage many JS. XL was browsed a few rounds back and forth, chose B91 finally

    Fujian girl, long hair of a black, compare Qing Chun it seems that, look at a bit smaller than actual age also. A pair of Mimi very quite, XL cannot help associating to the its generation that will produce a little while. In T stage inside all girls, she can be XL to take a fancy to, if reelection, XL or meeting choose her.
    After entering room XL waited a little while, the girl goes taking a package. Crossed a girl about 5 minutes to come back, close newspaper bell.

    The girl spreads SM bed first, XL bends over after the shop is good go up accept B face to serve. This girl is big tit, very soft, the RT of pink is very small, delimit when crossing arch crawly. Had not enjoyed so comfortable XT for ages. Big Mimi from the top down of the girl chose the whole B side of XL. It is TT and MT next, girl force masters very well, press on XL body very light, back and forth caress when however very benefit from. The feeling that the PP of girl meat meat and the wool wool below had delimited on the back together is very comfortable, even more comfortable than XT. The PP of final girl was pressing the PP of XL to be kneaded a little while, make the small DD of XL straight straight ground is touched on SM bed. XL still is cared about still unexhausted moment, the girl’s fervent red lip has been stuck to the back of XL, turn circle MY rises, whole back is taken care of. Arrived coxal downward when, XL cries stop, it is to mug-up is fond of a girl, 2 be be afraid of quite below XL urticant.

    Turn over A face, red lip of the girl comes on post again, the key took care of two RT of XL, really urticant cannot become. The TT that loves most still is after A face MY, right now XL also can take the chance pract

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  • ice fraud. The abalone of final girl is pressed on the egg egg of XL to chafe back and forth, at the same time double leg clips the small DD of XL closely, place so that XL is overcome a bit, poor fixed fire comes out. I estimate a lot of LY to be placed to had come out by the girl on this water bed. (ha, explain I am very strong still)

    The process of ML pours the place with special that’s all right. The dot is done to intend the work first before, 69 it is indispensable. Mao Mao is not little below the girl, but flavour of as good

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  • as. KJ is very gentle, without tine feeling. When beginning to insert, do not have too forcibly, girl groan voice is smaller, below incompact not loose also. 9 shallow one deep, every time thorough when the girl is met moan aloud, very special, incentive XL increases strength, rate is rapidder and rapidder also, groan sound of the girl is more and more hurried also. Hundreds of when, the girl is abrupt closely hug XL, XL also got affect it seems that, the shipment after a few.

    Return anteroom, wanted range of a bowl of big platoon, the side is good, but a bit salty. The manager is experienced to the experience of XL special care about, ask a feeling repeatedly how, where to do badly. XL is very satisfactory to the girl, say it doesn’t matter is bad again and again. After taking a side, XL rested a little while, come day after day rush about have some of exhaustion really, will to this as if a tender countryside, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave letting a person. Rested about half hours, just rise say good-bye.

    Snow manager Phone: 18521361476 QQ date: 319015399  QQ group: 398961506

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