[Oriental international is met] skin Bai Xi, carry the sense that does not bring pork of a go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married high


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[playtime] : 11.14
[J S name] : Did not ask
[J S native place] : Jilin
[J S age] : 23
[J S amount] : 60+
[recreational project] : ISO
[recreation costs] : 1398
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : SNDo not have terminal train like, each station has surprise and sentiment, each passenger has different combination, window of each winnowing machine is the extract of life.

The day of noisy and annoying, should step into Shanghai the borderline of this soil, everywhere huge crowd of people. The expeditionary way that decided this then, be ongoing! ! DialSunshineThe phone of the manager, stepping feverish pace, expectant mood advances to destination
Live on the city of this put on a false show of peace and prosperity, that is how happy ah. After flounder rushs about, arrived eventually destination. SunshineThe manager comes round to recieve head on, very conversable, hear or division gives those who be the same as the doorLY…Ha. Take nextT stage, sundry Yan Shouhuan is fatMMRen Jun chooses, full of beautiful things in eyes. Looked to have seventeen about in all 8 come, stood. Nevertheless by so much double the eye that seems to take a beg is looked at, the sense is very uneasy. Among them particularly beautiful, smile is very attractive, a suit bikini is dressed up. This one Zhi Duxiu resembles is beside numerous grass-blade foils fill a flower. Eyeball is in ceaselessly fling is otherJS, but did not feel however. After the line of sight observes free through a few, the eye of little younger sister stares at the bikini that discovers Na Weiting wells balanced jade stands to go up in my body, again serious scrutiny, the skin fair-skinneds in vain, carry the sense that does not bring pork of a go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married high. Beautiful instantly laugh, moved my fragrant heart, her self introductionCome from Jilin, See a pocketNumberT39Date, call her come over beside. Go hand in hand together a big house, inside the room establishmentHave everything that one expects to find, comprehensive lens, visual effect is enjoyed absolutely and stimulate.
Passionate lingering, Be intoxicated at sweet romance momently. Music eventually the person comes loose, Butterfly Bei enmity warbler , eyeful spring anxious says to who.
The phone that urges a bell rings, the part that everybody acts also ends. 90Minute inside, it is so brief, it is so endless however, always be after passionate lingering meaning still did not use up. The ground of girl be reluctant to part that gave a doorway to follow this beauty leaves, reflect the condition inside the room to recieved manager adieu.   
Reflect the condition inside the room to recieved manager adieu.. The setting sun falls on the west, heartbroken person is in skyline” …Right now lose, perplexed and helpless, to who should appeal? What had not known pursuit is visual concussion, still enjoy that service. It is the sign that seeks the past, still look forward to to get an affection place. Wanting to indulge oneself, change however more consider worry. After mad libertinism, the body is tired, the heart is tired also.

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[recreational address] : In relief road of warden of Shanghai Yang Pu stands by Ning Guolu, sunshine phone / small letter: 13661981889 QQ number: 3106474631 QQ group date: 567981374
[recreational map] : T39

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