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[playtime] : 9.9
[J S native place] : Northeast
[J S age] : 23
[J S amount] : 58+
[recreational project] : SM
[recreation costs] : 780
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : Friend birthday, go KIV plays much at 10 o’clock, those who drink is a bit much, what someone else basically answers is about the same, then want to look for a place to play, called 6 friends to call to Ding Li manager together then, asked now JS circumstance, with room circumstance, come out to play most be afraid of do not have JS to want to discharge a room of what, not bad nevertheless, time is quite late, and had been compared empty before ~~ is at ease so, go to ~~
Reach a place, ding Li comes down to receive personally, because be in,did not ask more downstairs, go upstairs directly, ding Li manager gives into house take Gong Niu to drink, talked about a few, have a place as a result of what drink dizzy, choose a bell directly. Come out 50 many JS, with respect to settle on M735, tender dish my love most, next the girl takes me to go PF.
Enter a text, strip bathes, the little sister asks actively to accompany bath, girl unlock garment is buckled, fill in, x is pretty good, very big, very quite, the girl accompanies bath from time to time tease, do those who get the itch in the heart, begin to make a service, SM, it is different that the bosom is pushed greatly so that feel, the whole body is crawly, TT MY  , it is to enjoy really, finish behind go changing an uniform among the girl, chose an uniform that oneself like , because oneself like black silk, the girl cooperates actively to put on black silk, really inviting, continue to do in front, , do so that be overcome really the impulse that wants to press the girl on the bed to work suddenly, the girl pushs me, from the top down begins fierce, the girl contains XDD in the mouth, good heat feels, girl KH must not say, without tine feeling, know how to do can make you comfortable, very considerate, by the fast body of girl mouth inch the feeling that come out, pull out immediately come, insert go in, water is very much, very close, feeling a girl two big RT, make a gun in the cry of girl YD eventually ~~~~ :
Come to his home never disappointed, friends play quite happily, can continue later of patronage! Because wine is drunk too much, keep bit of content casually, a place where people gather for various purposes is pretty good, service of little younger sister is OK also, thank Ding Li’s Gong Niu, your kind effort supports ~~- to also hope more friend seeks Ding Li manager, fourth force small letter 13122118845, address: Music in relief road stands by Zhongshan north 2 around, quite convenient

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