[land home mouth enlighten do obeisance to] test and verify is recommended, woman of Y W coquettish, second of water much pose.


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[playtime] : 8.2
[J S name] : A 17
[J S native place] : How to notice
[J S age] : 20 the left and right sides is looked at
[J S amount] : 449
[recreational project] : SM
[recreation costs] : 898
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : Arrived in an instant Zhou Er, oriental inn is first selection, because leave a company quite close, go by to be less than, came off work partly at 5 o’clock contacted east to look, so early it is dull really, the word says also is very long had not worked, a bit small still excited, arrive very quickly inn, got on 3 buildings to sign up for a name downstage, took hand card, changed the dress to go, some girls still are having a meal, was cried to come out, see these coquettish J S people, chose an A 17, the price of A card X here is compared still is pretty good, girl person is not very tall, lethal weapon still goes, say very coquettish, return meeting Y W, these are not important, the key is the girl looks very fierce, very accord with small appetite ~~~
After entering a room, wait for a girl to sign up for a bell, make the bed, after everything is appropriate, of too impatient to wait lie on SM bed, waiting for a little sister to come well caress. Fluid of Tu Hao SM falls on the whole body, enjoying the ceaseless dillydally of these 2 big N, the good sense of RT and N child fleshy feeling is carrying the crisscross that replaces back and forth on the back, slowly wandering whole body skins each inches, especially PP and double leg, in dillydally bicrural time, it is clip be in in attrition, the instant feels 2 N child collision is together. Subsequently the tongue is down all the way, lick sole from shoulder, lick ear from toe, such MY or first time experience. D L when, it is to reach the designated position absolutely, tongue PP outside and in added to be alled over clean, lick inside when, feel namely simply lick heart nest in same. Then X P drinks GS to do one T, the double eye of instead XL is ticked off continuously those who tick off staring at 2 big N, the beginning that can’ts help on the hand slowly devastate, finger dare her RT, next tongue slowly lick, charming asthma sound of the girl is in whole room with respect to the echo immediately. A hand has slowly feel below, the M below is full-bodied one B really, if finger is dialed the Y C that moves her is dialed like using string, the water that found her for an instant plays outflow from inside, return warm. The XL after dallying with a girl one time gives him of lane hard, then the T on the belt does on one P first on SM bed, such figure should let her avalokitesvara sit lotus, in the is inserted into the girl minor acupuncture point of J B straight in a state of excitement, both hands is holding her NZ, let her cannot move, brushed continuously in a few minutes, all S come out.
After the girl’s then careful cleanness, continue to serve, NZ begins from the head of XL slowly X T arrives J B, begin catching with the mouth next, tongue slowly licking DD next K J, by her SH after a few, have feel hard. This is small nevertheless younger sister is not anxious also to T, still continue to finish the service, x T, t T, after MT was done again, just take T T, began the brigade with ecstatic quadratic. Because just be let off, that wants the 2nd times of course a few more abiding, movement of little younger sister very cooperate, first avalokitesvara sits him lotus slowly move, the ceaseless move after coming up and down is worn PP, the him charming asthma of the lane that returns around twist is ceaseless, what XL looks at little him younger sister to do is tired also, let her bend over then fell, work from the back, this PP of little younger sister is really fat tender, like the feeling of the J B that go in is being inserted to resembled be being wrapped from the back, both hands is feeling her pliable PP, the skin is exceedingly good, XL resembles a fair dog same, both hands encircle is worn she that field big NZ, next PP is ceaseless forth arch, after inserting a few minutes suddenly again, eventually all S goes out, s clean. Coming out also is a bit hungry, took bowl side, added big poached eggs of what, match the Gong Niu that goes up to deliver eastward, rested, pay a return visit also is must, enlighten do obeisance to present hind management is close friends before field comparing a lot of, this can see from the girl’s attitude of attending to guests, explain east is quite fierce still, will recommend next haing haing ~~

[spatial photograph] :

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[recreational address] : Pudong
[recreational map] : Oriental mobile phone / small letter 13052354792 QQ: 2780679152                 QQ group: 180567513

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