Test and verify the younger sister paper with 3 residence new prince, let me return the male wind previously.


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Add prince small letter: AO13020121992 The graph has the real situation, still have video introduction 

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Through day after day heavy rain, arrive eventually when coming out to be fed firmly.
Those who wake up that discovers momently did not rain, take a phone to ask prince the manager immediately, new female arrive. ThroughPrinceThe introduction of the manager reverses the picture that with small letter prince gives me. Target lock is in surely B89. Opening a car dearly to come to rainbow mouth, PrinceManager Be in early a long time of doorway await respectively.
PrinceThe manager takes me to the room, round after blowing water, b89 is appearing casually in me in front of, a meter 6 the left and right sides. The skin for nothing tender tender. After OK, Help my disrobe put orderly later take off with respect to him ability. The rinse of two people favor later. JS clears water bed do well clean. Water bed service is quite good. Wave push: Although wave did not go up D, but those who push is quite comfortable also, have feel quite. ! Service all is done sufficient not lazy. JJ had Feel immediately. JS sees be my JJ on circumstance horse in the mouth, SH. Glossal T, boast project Oh. The likelihood is long did not come over to wash sauna. Do not give JS to blow to dichotomy bell explode! ! After simple rinse with respect to go to bed! ! JS takes out service card, after introducing one time with me. The service introduces with me like was not being done. Be less than 20 minutes, little younger brother already climax two.
Cover on enter continuously, traditional pattern works. Insert JS: “Ah ah ” cry, the wave wave that looks at JS swings, hearing has been achieved with the vision contented. Be less than several minutes, JS asks to want to go up ride. Since the belle starts to talk, move cannot refuse of course. JS equitation is masterly, if add now ” Changjiang Delta Style ” I believe, little younger brother is sure heavy boat. . . Will provoke dog young type finally, the PP of JS is full of flexibility. Holding the PP that has fleshy feeling so. . The in making a bed ginseng of the rich temptation that listening to JS is miscellaneous ” bang bang ” noise! The liquid of billow was shot. . Holding JS in pairs in the arms lie in the go to bed on the bed a little while! JS helped my JJ take off that raincoat later, wen Shui of the that use an opening washed my little younger brother, JS looks at my exhausted JJ, comfort with the lip! Bathe, JS helps me put on the dress! In a twinkling feels infinite cummer Feel! Help me attentively put on.
Moment talked about a day on the bed, embrace, kiss! Time arrived again!
In the journey that come home, recalling the brigade of today’s rainbow mouth all the time, acknowledgment flies greatly recommend  Overall sense is good, recommend everybody to try

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