” outside beach enlighten do obeisance to ” battle – electric contest beautiful girl


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[playtime] : 2016-6-26
[J S name] : 867
[J S native place] : Suzhou –
[J S age] : 18
[J S amount] : 60+
[recreational project] : SN
[recreation costs] : 998
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] :
Since LF area commendatory girl was distained by countless people… I feel me must again and again accent! !
“Bud is OK conquer everything! “Bud is OK conquer everything!!
To the importance for me, what I encounter today is a bud can conquer all electric contest belle! ! !
[meet feeling] : ★ of ★ ★ ★
[figure curve] : ★ of ★ ★ ★
[amorous feelings index] : ★ ★ ★
[technical content] : ★ ★ ★
[sexual price compares] : ★ of ★ ★ ★
[little sister height] 160
[little sister lethal weapon] B
[little sister color of skin] the United States is white
[little sister feel] silk is slippery (98 years glance board! )
[the little sister moans] bashful

Between academic class hour:
Two fists half system — the YD basic length that the 2 fists of every girl are a girl partly, of course you can say, bouncy what what can extend is right of course! Do not have endless pencil after all, have endless cave only! !
But if, a relatively new girl encountered one each oneself 2 fists the guest of half above, ask LY to notice the element such as speed power certainly. Injure a person too suddenly after all…

About electric contest:
The girl is LOL ace, begin to hit from S3, the level should be in gold above…
Hand API data of the girl is high grade, can use so…
You are known…

About 2 fists half:
The girl is fine, so test and verify of my as it happens 2 fists the theory of half, oneself are not quite big nevertheless, it is 2 fists only so much, did not arrive half…
The first phase female when going up, the girl expresses to bear hard, cannot sit after all, otherwise painful painful Da…

The 2nd phase male when going up, it is painful that I think the girl also can express originally…
And the result always makes a person surprizing, the girl suited…
Fluttering devotedly…

Appearance of station of mad hare of the 3rd phase when…
The girl expresses to never had experienced, expressed to distain before the experience…
Girl first time cries, OK OK, stop stop stop… washed-up washed-up…
I can smile only (appearance of station of mad hare of I and a little sister whole journey before Yao thinks 1 year… )

About Yan Zhi:
I reiterate again:
“Bud can Ko everything! ! ! ! !!
So, those claim to want to brush boiler to me, you want serious consideration, not be each person can accomplish as above of this word! !

Do not carry because of the girl at the same time, next month exchange labor was made, a very special job, should meet have challenge and fun quite.

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