Shanghai sells meeting place to be able to arrange full-court outside each area atelier 18617157927 small letters are the same as 998 phones date

Our catchword: Would rather do less, cannot do in disorder, make high-quality goods after all stoutly! With the manner with serving conquer others penitentiary others fuses with enthusiasm others   
This sauna traffic advantage is located in downtown, the leader of senior and professional group that comes from Dongguan is garrisoned this inn leader

The high end in Shanghai is met

Occasion of operation of one continuous line of large contingent of the old cast of Dongguan of pioneer of bibcock of deserve the reputations one enjoys is grand

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Small letter phone is the same as date: 18617157927
Buckle buckle: 2449557512

The welcome joins Xiaobai communication group 2 groups, group talk about number: 697421242 a flock of full already

Shanghai Grow peace Rainbow mouth Min Hang Xu of treasure mountain of Jing Anpu Tuo of yellow Bu Yangpu collects many sea choosing to meet in what doing business, cafes of partial section water, additional demon outside sell atelier whole area to be able to be arranged, outside dish everyday be out on duty 30

Understanding adds small letter to buckle buckle seek advice

[service standard] : ? Pleasant calls bittern to sunlight slash   fights bank of Yong of  of Ta of anxiety of  a surname to suffer from?0 of can of care of ferociousing official of aurelian Jia  minute do not be restricted frequency.

[is the service ensured] : ? Sincerity of manager of bite Zuo IP serves for you, the quantity is made as you, even if nag you came spotless also.

Happy result from do well, satisfactory ability is good sense, enjoy tall sex price to compare privilege from dial a phone to begin, enchanted be inferior to the action, in be here to be able to let you carry a heart certainly, look up at with long sweetheart,

Let you spend money flower to get special overflow! The enjoyment like the monarch is before. Here belle is like the cloud, 100 Hua Zhengyan, here the beautiful female have everything that one expects to find of all sorts of norms. Do not be afraid of not know all about the goods is afraid that goods compares goods, outside looking

The watch sees essence, do not see face of advertisement guard the threshing floor, do not believe conduct propaganda to believe public praise, see dimensions compare actual strength, personal experience saw with one’s own eyes sees ability is really, step broken iron shoe to not have look for be in come complete not take time and energy.

[service content] :

1, by guest pitch on hind, go actively to the side of the guest, massage to the guest, chat, cooperate good assistant manager actively to take a guest to enter a room, so that assistant manager is better,arrange other visitor

2, hung up do not disturb a card please, active side guest changes a shoe, wash one’s hands shop towel, prepare service things, enquire the guest drinks what drink, whether steam

3, channel of adult of mix up of active side guest or it is the TV that likes to look, again self introduction, so that the guest remembers him easily, the sound appellation guest of reoccupy tenderness (baby, dear, husband)

4, change clothes of active side guest, hang garment pants into chest, with flirting means gives him change clothes (whether does inquiry guest brush a shoe at the same time) help a guest up to enter strong cool room

One, [water bed serves] :

    (prepare service things: Towel of toothpaste, bath, cover, bed of alexipharmic water, shop good water is filmy, ask for those who get a guest to agree to have a handleless cup next, serve time is 30 minutes)

1, water of side guest mix up is warm, ask a guest whether shampoo, inquiry guest water is warm appropriate.

2, side guest makes toilet soap, brush a back to the guest and enquire whether strength is appropriate “

3, strong water makes bath syrup, bo is pushed, turn over, p push, rise single span of a foot

4, annulus swims a popular treatment for sunstroke by scraping the patient’s neck, contain all over alone Long Zuan (alone dragon gets 3 minutes)

The welcome joins Xiaobai communication group 2 groups, group talk about number: 697421242

Phone: 18617157927 (small letter is the same as date)

Qq: 2449557512

Add direct illicit of small letter Qq to send fixed position and belle to illuminate

2, [in front service]

Guest of ① , side is brushed with bath towel in front (and from the back identical)

② , introduce to from instep Bo, rise reoccupy P introduce to, feel little little sister oneself!

③ , wool hey crus and Bo push sole:

④ , annulus swims the shoulder begins to become chest or back of ministry of hand, upper part of the body, below half body, leg:

⑤ , K explodes, wen Shui is contained to blow after coming to an end be like

⑥ , take towel to help a guest wipe the body, help guest go to bed up, him rate is strong cool inform dear to wait a bit please, I go rushing cool

3, [from the back service] :

1, the heart is deft: Enquire whether the guest picks ear, clip fingernail, do very clean work, side guest is massaged loosen (3 minutes)

2, dragon turns over phoenix dance: Begin Bo to push from instep to small Dd, guide a guest to turn over (1 minute)

3, ermine cicada capacity audience: Make embellish skin syrup all over, massage whole body (question guest strength) (3 minutes)

4, dreamy beach: It is center with the buttock, bo is pushed, beautiful pose hits embellish skin to show Bo to push begin to come from the shoulder foot (3 minutes)

5, bear down on one with the weight of Mount Taishan: Bo is pushed return the waist, a inch of waist goes twisting on crural turn, use the weight of the body,

6, body of anguine You Long: Cross water, annulus swims, a popular treatment for sunstroke by scraping the patient’s neck, from the foot the turn begins (contain alone Long Zuan) (10 minutes)

7, perfect: Guide a guest to rise do alone Long Zuan, do high mountain running water first, the mouth contains golden voice, annulus swims two side count the buttock back and forth second, blow 3, reoccupy tongue is sucked, very, beat, lick, count back and forth

Second (the edge does an edge to touch a guest with the hand sensitive place) hind annulus swims perineal place, ham inside, annulus swims egg, blow guest Dd head, repeat above process again, vibrating head is become later or lucky 3 treasure (8 minutes


8, high-ranked imperial concubine moves drive: Sideways gets close in the past egg, guide a guest to raise a leg to blow be like, kiss sensitive place, take advantage of an opportunity lets guest lie low (3 minutes)

In front:

4, [you are known]

1, in April cherry: Begin Bo to push from ear to the foot (key small Dd) (3 minutes)

2, of fish and water joyous: The mouth contains Wen Shui to do annulus to swim to knee place to encase knee annulus swims (5 minutes)

3, the desire is long-tongued: Wool hey type hits embellish skin dew, a popular treatment for sunstroke by scraping the patient’s neck (5 minutes)

4, fluctuant desire: First dew of the tree on ant, skin that make profit, hand hits Fj, wave to hit Fj (3 minutes)

5, sweep anything away 1000 army: Wool hey instep, tongue licks sensitive place (2 minutes) ,

6, carry mysteriously bottle: Feel hair coquettish, foot to clip Dd to hit Fj oneself (2 minutes)

7, transitory: 69 type are blown be like, redo alone Long Zuan (3 minutes) )

8, abundant breast becomes warped buttock: Touch oneself enchantingly, the eyes looks to guest wool hey crus (1 minute) :

9, Oriental 4 dragon: Free dragon, sway dragon, rotate dragon, deep throat dragon, redo coke honours ginger, hot water ice cube, hot water (3 minutes)

10, mermaid eats a grape: Lie with beautiful pose on sofa, accost guest comes over, guest station is blown on the ground be like (sway at the same time the buttock) (2 minutes) )

11, border type therapeutics: This therapeutics in case outside discharge, of short duration does not provide a detailed information (1 minute)

12, the tongue covers baby: Diction character lures a visitor, mouth is worn set (1 minute)

13, male joyous female love:

14, farewell head: The mouth contains Wen Shui, blow 30 seconds slow, time helps a guest massage again, enquire which service does dear do not reach the designated position, whether be your redo!

15, see a visitor out: Pulling the guest’s hand, hand over the guest downstage, go to guest guiding rest hall, the meal that tells guest company is free, dear remembers my project name, look for me next time again

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