[come] [private room] each area a phone, come at any time

Safe index: [★ of ☆ of ★ ☆ ★ ]
Service index: [★ of ☆ of ★ ☆ ★ ]       
Satisfactory index: [★ of ☆ of ★ ☆ ★ ]

Jiangsu area: Nanjing does not have Changshu of bridge of pediment of stannic Suzhou elder brother
Suzhou small letter: Wh333339 [attention] add small letter direct remarks your city
Suzhou place: Wood of Piao of high new developed area of Piao of area of grave of tiger of garden area Piao shows disrespect or contempt

Shanghai small letter: SN3344125 phone: 17182119791
Shanghai place: Min Hang Piao is static install Piao fine each area can arrange Piao of yellow shop sign of Piao of Pudong of Piao of Song Jiang of Piao of Xu Hui of Piao of the Yang Pu that decide Piao come to serve to take studio oneself [attention] add small letter you are in direct remarks which area

Guangzhou area: White cloud of the Milky way Yue Xiufan I Shenzhen area: South a mountainous area [village of green green hill]
Guangzhou small letter: NS3377899        Shenzhen small letter: Acq455 [attention] add small letter direct remarks your city

Wuhan comes atelier adds small letter please: Acq455 Remarks Wuhan is asked to come when adding

Cheap we are done not have! ! Safety of quality environment personnel needs higher cost to throw! Cheap we are not done! You dare play cheap eldest brother! Each area value also has partial difference, welcome to come round to seek advice.

Service (whole technological process) 36 type are graphic
1. gold time Chat. Dot drink. Disrobe and footgear. Open air conditioning and vapour
2. wind,flowers,snow and moon The introduction serves technological process, provision serves things
Character of 3. inscriptions fine Remind a guest to slip carefully. Accompany guest vapour
4. ramparts of metal and a moat of boiling water-impregnable fortress Ask a guest whether shampoo
5. inscriptions is massaged With massage means side guest makes bath syrup
6. gold sets Yu Yan Make bath syrup with the way that feels oneself
7. Jin Fengyu is shown Wave.PI GU,
8. life is newer Pour clean guest with water, feel oneself rinse oneself
9. riches and honour is lucky Volt type kisses a foot from ear, blow ham
10. the East China Sea unplugs club 4 dragon are blown, rotate dragon. Sway dragon. Experience dragon and deep growl dragon
11. gold hole is searched auger Feline type blows desolate and guide a guest to stand to come over to kiss sensitive place and be done from hip run the drilling tool into the well alone dragon turns
Paper of 12. Jin Zui is confused Kiss backside and a popular treatment for sunstroke by scraping the patient’s neck, carry 5 on the back, from PI GU the kiss comes double leg, PI GU blows 3. Do alone dragon turns
13. gold cat is expeditionary From the back hip run the drilling tool into the well arrives in front close DAN DAN and sensitive place
14. Jin Long goes to sea Type of drunk wine take a prone rotates 360 degrees the kiss blows desolate
15. gold gun is ecstatic Feline type blows desolate, side guest blows water ** to be in the mouth
16. gives Shui Furong Side guest pours water. And sassafras doing helps guest go to bed up
17. revive an old dream Sassafras foot, draw out ear. Manicure
18. crosses sufficient hand hysteria Double foot is loosened. Health care is massaged
19. peak loop turns Wave push little little brother to arrive to the bosom foot, kiss an egg, turn over do alone dragon turns
20. come down in one continuous line Push oil to crural whole body from the shoulder, massage
21. roam the four seas Shift a base from the buttock, kiss a foot
22. Youlong Jin Feng Buttock leg whole body, delimit east back
Amorous feelings of 23. Han type Kiss a foot from ear, s of back of a popular treatment for sunstroke by scraping the patient’s neck blows a waist to fold 3 acute diseases such as cholera and sunstroke all right
24. gold body unplugs coal tub 360 degrees twist a flesh to suck a cupping 10
25. wind,flowers,snow and moon Add. Blow, suck, sway, rotate, the top is done alone Long Zuan
Running water of 26. high mountain The water that contain ice and warm water fall from fart channeling
27. is elegant desire celestial being Cross next turning that kiss egg egg to guide guest genuflect to stand too to blow desolate to turn over from the guest
28. inverts heaven and earth Hold a guest in the arms to flirt and ask a service the opinion
29. affection is unbroken Kiss ham of crural a popular treatment for sunstroke by scraping the patient’s neck from ear
30. cat female phoenix dance Be felt oneself and make oil
31. red phoenix faces south Carry guest buttock is put in the wave on him leg to make an aircraft
32. clumsy wriggles desire east 4 dragon blow desolate, feline type blows desolate
33. bead greens jade jointly Wave push the upper part of the body, wool hey little brother, feel little little sister to look to the guest oneself
34. little younger sister carries a gun Take a prone carries guest ham wool hey stroke ham
35. hangs Jin Gou On wall handstand blows desolate 360 degrees
36. strive for the impossible or illusory things The edge blows Bian Qi to be done on guest body alone Long Zuan
37. like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply Guest foot belt is covered put into oneself shade DaoML blows desolate 180 degrees
38. is expiratory be like orchid Belt set blow desolate and cover with mouth belt
39. Feng Xiang adds up to green jade ML18 action
40. farewell head  Little little brother is contained with Wen Shui after the guest gives water one


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