Alaska Airlines Delays Flight So Passengers Can Get This Otherworldly View

This is one flight delay people were actually happy about.

Alaska Airlines delayed a Tuesday flight by 25 minutes so that passengers would have an ideal view of a total solar eclipse.

Astronomer Joe Rao noticed about a year ago that Flight上海千花网论坛

870 — from Anchorage to Honololu — was going to pass right through the darkest part of the moon’s shadow over Earth, otherwise known as the “path of totality,” according to an Alaska Airlines blog post. There was just one slight problem: The flight was scheduled to come 25 minutes too early to catch the moment when the sun and moon aligned.

Rao convinced the airline to delay the flight and booked a window seat, along with about a dozen other astronomers and eclipse enthusiasts. ABC News reported earlier this week that Rao would be handing out informational material about the eclipse during the flight, and another passenger planned to bring enough pairs of protective glasses so that everyone on board would be able to safely watch the sun during all phases of the eclipse.

We’re guessing the view was worth the delay.

The full shadow of the moon can be seen as it passes between the Earth and the sun, during the total solar eclipse that occurred on March 8th 2016. The picture was taken from an aircraft flying over the northern Pacific Ocean. A total solar eclipse occurs somewhere on Earth about every 18 months. It will vary in duration and intensity according to where it is viewed from but lasts about 爱上海

7 minutes. The area where the shadow is most intense is called the umbra. This is surrounded by the area of partial eclipse, the penumbra. Credit: Dan McGlaun/AP #eclipse #totaleclipse #sun #moon #space

A photo posted by The Economist (@theeconomist) on Mar 9, 2016 at 7:05am PST

Just last month, Delta gave a different group a passengers an unexpectedly scenic view when the pilot decided to mix up the route from JFK to LAX, giving everyone onboard a surprise aerial tour of the Grand Canyon.


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