The Yes Men Take On Coca Cola And Dasani Water (VIDEO)

The Enviro-Pranksters The Yes Men were at it again with a recent trip to Boston, where, posing as Coca Cola representatives, they unveiled a new name and label for Dasani water, called “Deception.” The Yes Men, working with the Think Outside The Bottle Campaign of Corporate Accountability International are drawing attention to how bottled water is marketed as hea上海贵族宝贝论坛

lthier, but its actually less regulated than city water and comes with serious environmental costs. Kristin Urquiza from the Think Outside The Bottle campaign discusses in the video that 40% of bottled water actually comes from the same sources as tap water.

Watch as The Yes Men unveil the new product, ask consumers if they would buy it, and be sure to watch to the end when they get confronted by a Coca Cola employee.


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