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Noxiousness of the sting of a bee is stronger, even if the adult was hibernated by the bee, be the problem with can appear particular, it is darling what is more,the rather that more. Say so, if darling was hibernated by the bee, must undertake in time handling, if handle,perhaps handle not in time undeserved, that is met to the influence of darling bigger. Below, introduce the processing technique after darling was hibernated by the bee for everybody!

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Darling was hibernated by the bee occupied

One, first keep one’s hair on

Darling by the beeShanghai noble baby

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Hibernate was hurt, look at darling to crying bitterly, the affirmation in the heart that makes parents is very anxious and nervous, how is knowing good. Cannot do not have direction at this moment, want keep one’s hair on, handle cut to darling, lest make cut exasperate because of his neglect.

2, come out poisonous thorn lane

Be hibernated by honey cut is swollen ache again, want to handle good cut in time to darling so, let darling reduce ache slowly.

Seek the cut of accurate darling, absorb the water inside cut. If poison pricks the word that still is inside, be about to think method does poisonous thorn. Want to cure after all the cut that is bitten by the bee, want to treat a root, must pull out poisonous thorn come.

Darling was hibernated by the bee occupied

3, wash cut

Soap is the common commodity in the home, prick poison after coming out, can clear with soap cut. Because apian venom is acidity, and soap just is alkalescent, can counteract eduction part venom, those who reduce darling is painful.

4, give darling apply cut with ice cube

There is freezer in the home, take a clean cloth to wrap, can use the place that is hibernated by the bee. Apply more than 10 minutes, can subsidence of a swelling, can reduce ache again, it is very good method.

Darling was hibernated by the bee occupied

5, brush cut to darling with medicine

The cut that handles good darling, want to brush the drug that administers apian venom to darling finally, good some faster. If darling returns the breast that drink a mother, had better not pass, breed with the mother darling is brushed directly. One day is brushed 34, disinfect very quickly notSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Swollen, can reduce aching feeling slowly again.

6, ask badly instantlyShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Go to a hospital

Above method was used, want to notice to observe the cut of darling, mood, look have get better. If darling cut is exasperate, appear on the body unwell, want immediately go to a doctor, delay must not. After all, be hibernated by the bee, processingFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Bad meeting endangers the security of darling.

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