Xu Tiangang of chief of careless Meng studio shows a plan ” hero no longer 3 “

When accepting Fandom interview a few days ago, careless Meng atelier and ” hero no longer: Of Telaweisi strike back ” chief inspector ” Suda 51 ” Xu Tiangang discussed ” hero no longer 3 ” possibility. Beard cropland expresses, “At present everything still does not have final conclusion, of course this depends on ” of Telaweisi strike back ” whether successful, nevertheless I am preparing really now ” hero no longer 3 ” outline, a this is this series lineal add is made, meet from a lot of respects and ” of Telaweisi strike back ” have connection. ” ” be in ” hero no longer 3 ” in, before Telaweisi will defy, never had had, more fierce and cruel enemy, the battle between killer will more nervous, exciting, can avenger alliance destroys mediumly bully the adversary of villain in drama of this level appears. ” need Tian Jixu to complement, “Defying there can be an opportunity when so puissant enemy to can let Telaweisi, I think Rangtelaweisi is obtained enter ” of Telaweisi strike back ” in the opportunity of different game world, become strong to learn brand-new skill during this, obtain stronger capability. Final I can let Telaweisi become in video the more prominent role on game history. These is in ” of Telaweisi strike back ” in obtained skill, I want to let his belt arrive in a game. ” ” hero no longer: Of Telaweisi strike back ” will land Switch platform on January 18.

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