” blaze is heraldic: Wind,flowers,snow and moon ” new video introduces Huang Zide Miteli

Ren Tiantang and Intelligent Systems atelier introduced another to will be in a few days ago ” blaze is heraldic: Wind,flowers,snow and moon ” in occurrence main part, showed relevant section graph, video and art set a plan. The part that introduces this is Demiteli, he is the heir with divine and Caesarean Faerghus, leader that also is blue lion group. He is a honest youth, reflected the ideal of chivalry. However, there also are a few hazes it seems that below the appearance that his glorious deprives a person. Acoustical actor of Demiteli is Ishikawa group person, he ever was ” ghost sob ” the Ni Lu of series, ” astral ocean 5: Faithfulness and betray ” the famous part dub such as medium Feidier Kamiaoci. This paragraph of video showed game in the begining a setting, dimiteli made self introduction to him after Garreg Mach abbey has seen leading role. ” blaze is heraldic: Wind,flowers,snow and moon ” will land Switch platform at will molopolizing on July 26.

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