” curtilage does male world take a risk ” do you have playing? Producer Shi Bei opens official Q group

Be in what just go on May 20, " the world of Kio takes a risk " of author Shi Bei make newly " curtilage male world takes a risk " issued formally on Steam eventually, this homebred AVG game that has distinguishing feature extremely also got at present of everybody reputably, continuance and even because,promoted Shi Bei before make and the good public praise that continuance comes down. Recently, shi Bei announced a your players’ glad good news again on his small gain, the official QQ of game group debut formally! This QQ communication group for 737965959, shi Bei also weighs those who welcome everybody to join in small gain, in this game group in players can discuss game each other, also can feedback a few pertinent questions. ” curtilage male world takes a risk ” it is a different literal adventure game. Game characteristic: The operation is embedded and the simple, story that having different kind, magical decode, the gather of a variety of little game, having a variety of game final result. So, dear young associate, do you need a girlfriend?

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