Teach you tie-in and optimal attribute ” greedy cavern ” I of equipment attribute see

” greedy cavern ” the common property of equipment has 13 kinds, the player can be transformed through equiping, equipment aggrandizement and equipment add demon to have property to equiping kind revise, property value increases and attribute increase etc transform. How does equipment attribute match after all, most player is not clear. Want to make best choice, important is to should be opposite ” greedy cavern ” the knowledge that equipment property system has a comprehensive clarity.

” greedy cavern ” the common property that equipment carries shares 14 kinds: Value of life, attack, blackart, defence, charm, cruel attack, attribute of reply of penetrable, dodge, blackart, life reply, demon is atttacked (fire, water, wood, smooth, dark) , demon attribute defence (fire, water, wood, light, dark) . Value of life, attack, blackart and defence 4 attribute complement directly with numeric form part on each attribute upper limit.

Demon property charge and defence two kinds of attribute are the attribute that atttacks in the light of attribute. Demon property charge is to show common physics charge is additional harm of each attribute blackart. Demon attribute defence is the harm of each attribute blackart that gets by fixed and numeric derate.

Charm attribute is the attribute that shows blackart attack is relevant, charm value promotes all blackart the harm that attack causes by per cent. Cruel attacking is to show physical attack is caused cruel the odds that beats harm.

Life reply and blackart reply are to show every eliminate the player the life value that an an eccentric person can obtain and blackart value. Additional gold coin and additional experience addition promote the amount that makes the gold coin that wins quite and experience with securing the form of the value, lucky it is to increase the odds that obtains more high quality equipment.

The initiative attribute of equipment divides composition by two ministries: Secure attribute and random attribute. Fixed attribute is the fixed attribute that shows every place is carried, the property that the weapon carries is assault force and attack speed, the cap, fixed property that protects hand, leg guard, shoe, dress to carry is life value and defence, ring and headgear do not carry fixed property.

Beyond fixed attribute, the attribute entry that every equipment gains randomly is random attribute. The random attribute of equipment is the object that equipment transforms, fixed attribute and the property that acquire through adding evil spirit cannot undertake transforming.

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