” benevolence king ” Demo tries play video to admire Jieluote to pass through to play black mood to Japan

Of Team Ninja atelier ” bear a surname ” series and ” dead or unripe ” series already widely known, bring nowadays ” benevolence king ” this make newly bring different game experience again.

Try shortly play DEMO, let a person experience quite much. But see a picture, ” benevolence king ” having ” ghost fierce person ” shadow, contain again however ” dark soul ” style. Nevertheless ” benevolence king ” it is set of setting of a period the game in times of Japanese the Warring States, because this game was not copied completely ” dark soul ” set, go up in a lot of detail or pay attention to very much maintain Japanese characteristic.

From the point of player echo, a lot of players hope to accede more ” bear a surname ” style, accelerate rhythm of a bit game and bright pleasure. Use up the set that attend to suffer player bad-mouth fully in physical strength for example, as time passes, this core produced the feeling that playing a bout to make RPG unexpectedly to behavioral game. Should know to be ” black mood ” stress the game that exercise restraint this kind extremely, also won’t be used up with the manual chamfer of such Yan Ke and hard decide continuously the frank feeling that will manacle a battle.

This current Demo is Alpha test version only, do not represent play final aspect. Development business emphasizes trying play to a lot of parts of edition can be optimized and be debugged, draw face, animation and battle scene for example. To final official version, we might as well with respect to wait and see what happens.

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