Legend of assassin of emersion warm blood! ” assassin credo ” exposure of film new stage photo

The two play movie that can say to made game player expect most 2016 is to have year of unripe series ” demon animal world ” , another is ” assassin credo ” . ” assassin credo ” photodrama affection will be achieved formerly completely, not draw materials the setting at any generation game. By the leading role Callum Lynch of personate of Si Binde of law of Er of law shark Michael, the assassin that passing gene memory to be informed his is a mystery organizes descendant. Adopt gene technique, he got himself 15 centuries Spain first ancestor the memory of Aguilar, the hostility that will defy now this prick guest organizes knightage of Temple of God is organized.

” assassin credo ” the film will be shown on December 21 this year, now piece what just announced the film is brand-new stage photo, customer service of thorn of ancient time of a suit of main actor Lynch is handsome and clinking, reveal hot-blooded manhood instinctive quality.

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