Specially good effect still breathtaking! ” the subway: Escape ” new cut scheme shows NPC and new an eccentric person

4A Games shared a group a few days ago ” the subway: Escape ” brand-new check scheme, revealed biology of a few mutation and NPC part, specially good effect still won’t let burn machine party disappointment. We saw the spider of the bear that mutates only and a mutation in · check scheme, the part that reveal is Stepan of heavy-duty weapon expert respectively, before Sam of American embassy guard and cure protect personnel Kazakhstani. ” the subway: Escape ” make by 4A engine, the Hairworks of hair specially good effect of use NVIDIA and advanced PhysX specially good effect, and apply to ambient light to obstruct and the real time light of global illumination tracks a technology. Whether does RTX light support to track when still not be clear about a hair at present. ” the subway: Leave ” will be in official on Feburary 15, 2019 put on sale, land PC/PS4/Xbox One platform, the whole platform that the government already affirmed this making to land supports Chinese. Newest and elegant cut pursues:

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